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Making PV and Wind Power Plants Invisible in the Internet
| AN 249
  • All-round carefree package inclusive service & park monitoring
  • Increased IT security
  • Customer retention and satisfaction
  • Customer retention and satisfaction
  • Communication as a Service
  • Hardware, software, monitoring, commissioning and operation management at one stop
Surge protection devices (SPDs) send status messages
| AN 248
  • Monitoring overvoltage conductors permanently
  • Easy integration into remote monitoring unit
  • Using 2-wire technology (Modbus RTU) or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) flexibly
  • Reporting article numbers of defective devices to service
  • Planning maintenance comfortably
  • Avoiding multiple maintenance services
Alarming App in Linux Container of LTE Router

| AN 241
  • icom SmartBox: LXC programming environment (Linux container) integrated in the router
  • All Stebatec apps are running ON the router
  • No additional software installations, updates and licences
  • Saving small industrial PCs (IPC)
  • No data loggers necessary
  • icom SmartBox is future-proof and flexible
Quick, straightforward commissioning of CHPs

| AN 238
  • Independency of WAN access during commissioning
  • Commissioning and approval on schedule
  • Meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001
  • Avoidance of penalties for non-performance
  • Automated change-over of secure, redundant connections
Mobile radio router replaces terminated GSM modem

| AN 228
  • 100% Preservation of functions by programmable router
  • One-to-one swap saves time and money
  • Use PLC and cabling as they are
  • Operation as usual
  • Investment protection for existing facilities
  • Prepared for IoT
Wastewater Management Gets More Powerful Routers
| AN 219
  • Direct developer contact provides leads and quick solutions
  • Apps are running directly in the Linux container (LXC) of the router, this replaces small IPCs
  • In-house trainings provide targeted knowledge, protect company know-how and save travel cost
  • Existing devices with MRX routers can still be connected
  • Modular MRX routers replace existing, but insecure switches
Groundwater level measurement in off-grid regions
| AN 210
  • Switching measuring station on and off time-controlled
  • Operating off-grid measuring equipment energy-saving
  • Saving routine inspections
  • Continuous measurement value logging
  • Always up-to-date groundwater level database
Processing heating fault messages automatically

| AN 202
  • Automatic fault reporting yields 10-20 hours time advantage
  • Service knows fault prior to customer
  • Suitable spare parts thanks to detailed failure reporting
  • Stress-free on-call service
  • Satisfied customers
  • New customers due to new business models
Water quantities, status and fault messages in real-time

| AN 199
  • Optimising service and material processes
  • Real-time data about sale and failures
  • Visualising CO2 footprint
  • ONE device for all tasks: fault monitor, data upload and remote maintenance router
  • Realising business model
Commissioning service and failure reporting for machines and plants
| AN 195
  • Support like being at the site
  • Quicker commissioning means more productivity
  • Secure connections to every location
  • INSYS router easy to configure via consistent GUI with integrated online help
  • RS232 for inventory and migration
Cellular router controls energy self-sufficient application in 2474 m
| AN 192
  • Allows energy self-sufficient applications
  • Monitor level and other operating parameters
  • Dispatch fault messages
  • Cascade alarm messages
  • Configurable sleep mode and wake-up scenarios
Monitoring and remote query of sampling devices

| AN 188
  • No software installation on customer side
  • Analysis software is running as router app
  • Visualising data online in the browser
  • Status messages replace routine visits
  • Low-power router for energy self-sufficient applications
  • embedded router for smallest space
PV maintenance and operation management from one source
| AN 182
  • Remote readout of PV data loggers and energy meters
  • Significant improvement of PV plant output
  • Perfect preparation of services
  • Saving of unnecessary travel
  • Monitoring PV operational data online
  • Independent of DSL connection
Highly available cranes due to remote service and perfect communication
| AN 181
  • "Site is running" due to highest crane availability
  • Time- and cost-optimised services
  • "Familiar" with the S7-300 via MPI adapter
  • Routers can be configured quickly
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Integrating existing RS232 devices
Energy self-sufficient level sensor with fault monitor

| AN180
  • Station is running energy self-sufficient
  • Inspection tours are reduced
  • Connecting the level switch directly to the input of the GPRS fault monitor
  • E-mail dispatch upon low water level
  • E-mail triggers water supply
Solarkiosk brings power and internet for off-grid colonies
| AN 177
  • Providing power for light and medicine cooling
  • Saving costs for power substitutes
  • Replacing diesel power units
  • Providing access to information and education
  • Providing infrastructure for small-scale entrepreneurs
Monitoring and remote maintenance for rain spillway basins
| AN 167
  • Cost-efficient fault indicating technology
  • Functions can be configured easily using a browser
  • Low effort for service provider
  • Configuration can be adpated by the customer himself
  • Configuring instead of programming
Best indoor climate and lowest down times

| AN 165
  • Remote management of buildings
  • Real-time monitoring for buildings, greenhouses, stables
  • Knowing the "history" of the failure
  • Connecting building management
  • Integrating existing serial devices in IP networks
  • Accessing remote networks protected
IT security in public utility process network and renewable energy supply management | AN 159
  • Permanent monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • Manipulation protection
  • Connection via own copper lines (SDSL) or public networks (ADSL)
  • Connecting pathless locations and unsupplied areas (cellular radio)
Just-in-time fuelling on international airports

| AN 154
  • Redundancy due to 2 SIM cards
  • Robust cellular routers for permanent vehicle operation
  • Quick configuration via web interface
  • Can be integrated in provider VPN
  • Serial Ethernet gateway
  • Investment protection by INSYS Sandbox for Apps
Condition monitoring and control of data processing centers
| AN 153
  • Permanent condition monitoring
  • External alarming via SMS or e-mail
  • Effective monitoring of connections
  • Automatic reconnection of VPN connections upon termination
Connecting network cameras via cellular radio

| AN 150
  • Live streams on notebooks and smartphones
  • Insight at any time from everywhere
  • Easy to extend
  • Alarming with image of evidence
  • Remote configuration of the network cameras
Reporting faults and ensuring availability

| AN 149
  • Monitoring control and field bus devices
  • Dispatching values and alarms (SMS, e-mail)
  • Enabling alarm contacts and measuring/monitoring relays
  • Accessing IP networks and serial devices transparent
  • Encrypting connection (VPN)
SCADA: Collecting and analysing real-time data

| AN 140
  • Monitoring and controlling plants
  • Flexible use
  • Cellular radio replaces aged radio data transmission
  • Plants that develop with growth protect investments
  • Specified in IEC 62264 and DIN EN 62264
Ensuring distribution network quality in smart grids
| AN 139
  • Detecting hotspots immediately
  • Managing distributed supplies
  • Monitoring sensitive processes
  • Ensuring grid quality (DIN EN 50160 and 61000)
  • Evaluating measuring data at the site and alarming (Edge computing)
Level monitoring and just in time refill or drain

| AN 108
  • Basis for SCADA systems
  • Just-in-time filling
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Scalable
  • Perfect for silos
  • App in the router can replace a data logger
  • Short update intervals

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